Brand Story

Romp furniture is a design workshop which manufactures trendy at all times and ageless furniture made from wood, steel and sheet metal, starting with a sketch and ending with a packing.

While planning his first workpiece and making the sketch, Roman Prokopchuk – the founder of ROMP furniture company – knew that he had started the furniture brand story with timeless design.

ROMP furniture has been produced in Cherkassy since 2010 via thorough work on the implementation of author’s ideas. A childhood dream has become a lifework project that is to create and produce workpieces which will serve for many decades and will become cultural heritage of your family.

ROMP is the author’s take on furniture and I am pleased when our views coincide.

What is HOME for me? It is a comfortable space without cluttering with extra details. I produce furniture justified by functionality.

On this website you will see workpieces for zones that carry life sense in any space – in the living-room and dining-room for time with the nearest and dearest, in the bedroom for rest, and in the study for work and creation. Furniture is about reasonable and conscious decisions. About reliability for several decades, about comfort of the perfect construct, about engineer masterpieces.

It is very important for me, as a designer and creator, that ROMP furniture is not only of high quality but also fulfills its main purpose – it should make a house HOME. Cozy, friendly and free from all temporary conventionalities.

I am glad to create workpieces which will make your house even more beautiful!

Roman Prokopchuk,
The founder of ROMP