Design of a three-room apartment using dark colors in the interior

This is an apartment for a small family in a comfortable living area of the city. Clients expressed their fears of using dark colors.

But we found such variations and combinations so that in the end the apartment turned out to be cozy and warm, and the dark color – as, in our case, the basis of the whole design – looked very harmonious.

On several walls there is an exclusive modular ROMP system that fits perfectly into this interior.

Modular system can work as decor, as well as it can carry a functional load – shelves and drawers can be placed in any order, and in the future it can be easily moved at the request of the customer depending on the arising task.

  • YEAR 2016
  • ГородУкраина, Черкассы
  • Площадь100 кв.м.
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