Beer Bank is a restaurant about beer.

BEER BANK is a restaurant about beer that combines leading technologies and long-standing traditions of brewing. The restaurant provides an opportunity not only to enjoy the taste of freshly brewed craft beer, but also demonstrates the backstage of its preparation by means of a piece of equipment brought into the main hall. The key element of the restaurant’s interior, the element on which the restaurant’s life focuses, is the bar counter located in the center of the hall.

The overall concept of the interior is focused on it particularly in order to emphasize the bar culture of European countries, the countries of modern technological cities. Consequently, the architecture of the room itself reveals the theme of urbanization specified by technical design in order to receive correct operation of all necessary systems for spending time comfortably.

  • YEAR 2019
  • PARTNERS Марина Семйошина
  • ГородУкраина, г. Черкассы
  • Площадь240 кв. м